About Me

To know why I thought I was cool enough to begin this blog, you should read my very first post: Intro
Contact: jenniferglenn90@hotmail.com

For silly and overall boring things about me, read below. Updated periodically.

*I was born in raised in Richmond, VA.

*Although I’m an original RVAer, my heart belongs in Chic’s Beach (Virginia Beach), the first place I ever lived and never wanted to leave.

*I am a southerner living in Saratoga Springs, New York.

*I married the best person I’ve ever met.

*I am a stay at home mom of 2 beautiful girls.

*For the most part, I hate chain restaurants, but there are the few exceptions.

*I had a dog, Murphy, who was the best dog I’ve ever met. We lost her in December 09 and I sitll haven’t got over it.

*I attended UNCW and obtained a Biology degree that I have yet to do anything with.

*I am obsessed with bird christmas tree ornaments with long feathers and hope to one day have an entire tree adorned with nothing but.

*The best restaurant I’ve ever been to is FIG in Charleston, South Carolina. The chef/owner served me my meal and I was embarrassingly giddy.

*I love the top 5 game: My top 5 movies in no particular order are 1) The Lord of the Rings (I’m also a closeted nerd and yes, the trilogy counts as one in my game) 2) HEAT 3) The Silence of the Lambs 4) American Beauty and 5) a tie between Lonesome Dove and Old School (ties count too).

*My favorite book is Fair & Tender Ladies by Lee Smith.

*My favorite herb is thyme.

*I am also obsessed with Ryan Adams.

*I got married in Nags Head on the coldest and windiest day in May and it was the best time ever.

*I still wish I was a mermaid.


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