Pearl Onion Peel Tutorial

How pathetic is this?


That’s my daughter trying to make a “cry-face” and that’s my foot in a brace elevated on pillows.  I fell yesterday while working in the yard and sprained my ankle.  I simply stepped off the walkway the wrong way and twisted it, then crumbled to the ground and cried like a little girl.  The sound that came from my foot was so alarming and the pain was so excruciating that I was convinced I had broken it.  I screamed quite dramatically for about 5 minutes trying to get my husbands attention so he would come and rescue me.  Alas, my damsel in distress act did not work and I had to hobble around the back of the house to get his attention.  He came running and carried me into the house and I’ve been on the couch ever since.  It hurts.  A lot.  I’ll start drinking again very soon.  I’ve been instructed by my husband who thinks he’s a doctor to stay off of it for 24 hours and keep it elevated.  This is proving to be more difficult than I imagined.  I am entirely too busy to be laying on the couch all day and drinking.  Well, not really, but I have to keep up the act.  So, I’ve taken the opportunity to create a new blog for Jen (Hates) Loves House as well as spend a little time improving JLF (yup, I just used an acronym for my blog).   I felt my adventures in restoring an old home deserved its own space.  I hope you will take a look and subscribe!

Today on JLF (did it again!) I am giving a quick to tutorial on how to prep pearl onions for all you novice cooks out there.  I don’t claim to be anything but a novice cook and I am always googling cooking techniques and recipes.  I hope this helps some folks out there.  I’m working on a new recipe post for a slow cooker dish in which I used pearl onions, but thought it might be a good idea to give this tutorial first.

Pearl onions are cute little things that are great to use in things like chicken pot pie and slow cooker beef stews, but they can be a real pain in the ass to prepare if you don’t know how.  I’ll admit, I have tried peeling them raw like a regular onion before using them in a dish.  I can be really stupid sometimes.  And then one day I wised up and googled it and my life in the kitchen has been easier ever since.  All you have to do is blanch them, cut off the woody ends, and squeeze those little suckers out.  Viola!  Okay, it’s still kind of a pain in the ass.

Here we go…..


*To blanch something is to cook or boil a food for a short period of time, then submerge in ice to stop the cooking process*

Step 1:  Immerse onions in boiling water and cook for 2 minutes.


Step 2:  Drain onions in colander and then submerge them in a bowl of ice water.


Step 3:  Cut off the woody end of the onions.


Step 4: Squeeze from the tip of the opposite end.


That little guy will pop right on out!



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