Everyone is thinking and talking about Japan and I am no exception.  I can’t even wrap my brain around the nuclear plant and the radiation exposure.  Simply put, my heart literally aches for the people of Japan.  Here’s a link with a list of relief agencies and ways to help………Waking up in the middle of the night to a tsunami warning, when it was still a warning, was terrifying, to say the least.  Even though Livermore is a good 45 miles from the coast and up in the hills, my husband and I were still concerned about the aftermath effects (lack of power, water, goods, etc…)  He got out of bed at 1:00am to put gas in the car and head to the grocery store for a few goods.  Becoming parents have turned us into paranoid freaks.  Hailing from the East, I was always terrified of earthquakes and vowed I’d never move to California because of it.  Give me a hurricane any day over an earthquake.  I’ve been through a few storms, even been to some hurricane parties (holla!).   It’s all what you’re used to, I suppose.  My husband (born and raised in Northern California) grew up with the threat of earthquakes, doing earthquake drills in school and actually feeling the quake that hit San Francisco in ’89.  That was only a 6.9, by the way.

I’ve never been a preparer, until I had my daughter.  Preparing for an earthquake was totally foreign to me,   but you prepare for those like any type of disaster really, keeping water, canned goods, flashlights, batteries, etc… A few months ago, my husband and I started an emergency cabinet in the garage by purchasing these kinds of items a little at a time on our trips to Costco and the grocery store.  We also have other items like heavy blankets and our camping gear in case we ever had to run.  Seriously!  We call it “the Zombies are Coming” cabinet.  With small children, the Zombie cabinet also has things like diapers and powdered milk (and will soon include formula).  Click here for a list of items for your very own Zombie Cabinet.  But I never thought about keeping an emergency kit in my car.  Isn’t that stupid?  It truly never occurred to me to keep my car stocked with emergency items.  The link I provided is specifically for an earthquake emergency car kit, however, I think it can and should be used anywhere for any disaster.  I started my kit last week with a quilt, baby wipes, tampons (yup ladies, you may need ’em and don’t forget to add them to your Zombie kit), a large jug of drinking water and an old change of clothes I dug out of the Goodwill pile (remember this next time you go to give an old pair of jeans/sweats away!).  I don’t have everything yet, but I plan on purchasing food, like those Nature’s Own bars, a flashlight, batteries, first aid kit, and formula.  Even though I plan on breastfeeding with baby girl (due in June), it’s good to have back up.  What if I can’t produce?!  How do I save my babies?!  I have to be able to save my babies.

Whether you live with the threat of earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards or zombies, the links I provided give a basic level of preparedness……..and please don’t forget about your car!

A special thanks to the crew of the USS Ronald Reagan with our friend CWO2 Ron Morris and everyone else who is providing aid in Japan.


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