More goat cheese and other things

It’s been just shy of a month since I’ve posted. My reason for this is just life, I suppose. I was very recently laid off and am now adjusting to being a full-time, stay-at-home mom, something I really love, although find it surprisingly challenging. This video shared with me by my bff is hilarious.  Competitive parenting is frightening. 


My husband and I are also preparing for another huge change in our lives and as soon as the details are written in stone, I’ll be sharing the big news. AND, I’m fighting a nasty cold after just returning yesterday from an entire week in Corolla, North Carolina where we stayed in the largest house in Currituck County on the 4X4 beaches (that’s right! There are no roads, only beach driving). We ate a TON, saw wild horses almost everyday and celebrated the marital union of our friends, Richard and Abigail (CONGRATS YOU GUYS!). This place is simply beautiful. I’ll be doing a huge post on this adventure very soon. But for now, I’m going to share with you a meal I crave at the moment.  A meal I made for my sick husband a few weeks ago.  A meal that I can only hope he will make for me and nourish my sick, sniffling, NyQuil addicted ass.

Triple Grilled Cheese on Sourdough with Creamy Tomato Basil Soup

I halved this Tomato Basil Soup recipe.  Soups make me nervous, but this was incredibly easy. I forgot to purchase tomato juice, but made some with left over tomato paste.  I simply added 1 can (minus 1 tablespoon) of the tomato paste to 2 cups of water and mixed in the  food processor.  I added a dash or two of onion powder for extra flavor.   It’s also nice to add a little shredded basil for garnish.   AWESOME!

Triple Grilled Cheese on Sourdough:

Sourdough bread slices

Fresh mozzarella, sliced

Fontina cheese, sliced

Goat cheese, softened

Olive Oil for brushing bread

Brush one side of each slice of sourdough for grilling.  On the other side, spread desired amount of goat cheese and add the sliced mozzarella and fontina.  Place the sandwiches on a heated panini maker until golden brown or on a heated pan and grill on both sides.  Gooey, crunchy goodness.  Serve with your soup!

Here’s a few more things on my mind……

Like any woman with even a shred of domesticity, the minute a leaf changes color signifying the onset of fall, I begin to bake.  I also cannot resist a pumpkin, especially at the Culpeper Farmer’s Market.  Try this killer pumpkin bread recipe with your fresh pumpkin!  Making pumpkin puree is really simple. 

Ahhh…… the beach in the fall.  Wild horses and 4×4 beaches rule. Happy Autumn!!!!!


3 thoughts on “More goat cheese and other things

  1. Found it! I’m sick too! Although, I think it’s more in my lungs and maybe bronchitis or something. Yuck! Guess it’s time to make your delicious chicken stew and biscuits 🙂 Hope you feel better soon! Tell Maggie and Tony I said hi! I miss seeing her adorable face everyday!

  2. I guess it was unavoidable getting sick, with all those people and booze? It was bound to happen. Now all I have to do is get Tony in the kitchen and learn him……. Get better Jackie, tell Al hello and hopefully we’ll see you again!

    Lara, I’ll call you today, as soon as I can muster the energy to speak. No crying is aloud! We’re still going to fashion week!

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