This post from Whine Me Dine Me got me thinking about my idea of fantastic french fries. I commented on Ukrop’s potato wedges and how during my Richmond residence, these were my hangover cure (with chicken fingers and a large coke). But my all-time favorite fries?  In-n-Out  Burger on the West Coast is the freaking shit. You can actually see the employees take fresh potatoes and put them in a potato slicer then throw them in a fryer and voila! Fabulously fresh fries. Yum!


And sweet potato fries, how I love thee.  Charleston, SC is reigning king of sweet potato fries.  Sermet’s Corner on King Street served me and my friend Sarah a basket of glorious shoestring sweet potato fries topped with parmesan cheese.  Sweet Lord was it good.

Not actual Sermet fries, but you get the picture.

I should be smacked in the mouth for divulging this guilty pleasure, but Chick fil-A fries?  Come on! Who doesn’t love them?!

Waffle Fries Rule

Monterey Bay post coming soon……


4 thoughts on “Fry-tastic

  1. Ahaha you sure love stuff with parmesan cheese on it! Remember that sandwich you made when we were kids, at my folks’ house in the middle of the night, and got parmesan all over my bed, and I woke up freaking out cause I thought there was puke in my bed?
    Yeah, I thought I’d bring that one up! 🙂

    Love you!
    Glad you made it back in one piece! Call me and tell me about about CA tomorrow!

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