Racing and Wine Tasting

Much to my surprise, I’ve become a runner.  It’s a good thing too, considering my love for food, especially southern food.  I’ve successfully finished two short races in my young running career, both 5k’s and both completely different.  My first race was this past March at the Wounded Warrior 5K on the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.  The morning of the race, I was a nervous wreck. I had been training for it, but only ran the distance of the race once before the big day and never thought I would run the way that I did.  I was like Forrest Goddamn Gump out there on the Boardwalk!  I finally felt that runner’s high and just RAN.  I’ve never been an athlete, I didn’t participate in sports in high school or college, so crossing the finish line was the most amazing feeling.  I was hooked.  I immediately started to search for my next race. 

Wounded Warrior 5K <– I’m in there somewhere!

The Three Fox Vineyards 5k Race Through Tuscany was right up my alley.  A sporting event at a winery that includes a free wine tasting?  Absolutely!  Why isn’t every race at a winery!  “The Race Course Will Take You Through our Gently Rolling Hills, Across our Peaceful (flat!) Meadow and Around Our Picturesque Vineyard” Perfect, I thought.  So, I invited my friend Leah, put my running shoes on and headed to Delaplane, VA for this seemingly perfect race.  Well, let me tell you what “rolling hills” mean.  It means torture, that’s what the eff it means, torture and pain.  It was the workout of my LIFE and four days after that “peaceful” race, I’m  lying in the bed with a heating pad on my calves, for crying out loud. It took me 37 minutes to trudge up those freaking hills.  The things I do for free booze! Geez!


Horrible Cliff Power shots….. Gross!


Northern Virginia is full of wineries.  They’re almost as prevalent as farms around here.  I see a winery sign every few miles it seems. Sorry all you local wine lovers, but I normally don’t like Virginia wines, (eh hem Williamsburg Winery?  Terrible.)  I love California wines and tend to stick with them when shopping for vino. If you ever get the chance to go to Napa Valley, GO and take me with you.  It’s fabulous.  Anyway….. Three Fox is indeed beautiful and just may have changed my mind about VA wines.  The hills are picturesque and a flowing creek runs the length of the property.  There are tables scattered throughout for your drinking pleasure, even between the grapevines, which I think is wicked cool.  The scenery alone would give me the patience for bad wine, that and having just run my 31-year old ass off.  Fortunately, bad wine was surprisingly not the case.   I’m no wine connoisseur but, I found the Three Fox wines to be fantastic!  And, they have quite a few awards to prove it, including a few from the San Francisco International Wine Competition, which apparently, is a big deal.  My favorites:  The Leggero Chardonnay, the La Boheme Voigner and the Il Signor Sangeiovese.  I had never heard of a Sangeiovese before, not that I admitted this to anyone, and will now be on the look out for it wherever I go.  It was delicious!  So light and smooth and easy.  The two whites were crisp and very dry, characteristics that are for me a must when shopping for whites.  Sweet white wine reminds me of Boone’s Farm and makes me want to vomit. If you’re like me in that regard, stay away from the Gatto Bianco, the winery’s most popular white (go figure).  I was so disappointed that it was so sweet because the bottle is labelled with a picture of the owner’s cat and it’s just hysterical.  For complete wine descriptions go here, I was too drunk to take notes.

In conclusion: I will probably run this race again next year, because I’ll do just about anything for free booze and a t-shirt.  It was fun, the wine was great and they have a refrigerator of cheese!  Yum!


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