Three 6 Mafia….my new culinary heros

So, I’m in the grocery store last week, trying to find something worth cooking for dinner (our store out here in the sticks makes me angrier each time I go. I have to drive 15 miles just to get a decent cut of meat for crying out loud!) when I came across the magazine isle.  My eyes were immediately drawn to FOOD Magazine with Wolfgang Puck’s Oscar worthy face smiling at me from behind a golden statue topped dessert.  Across the top of the front cover was printed *Katie Lee*Rocco*Three 6 Mafia*Tosca Reno*  Wait, what? THREE 6 MAFIA?! Sold! And I tossed the magazine in my cart.

The short article, Cookin’ Ain’t Easy…..Unless you’re Three 6 Mafia, was most definitely worth my $5. There they are, gold grills and all, cooking with Mr. Puck himself in his renowned Spago restaurant in Beverly Hills, the ultimate in fine dining. Oscar winners themselves, (remember It’s Hard Out There for a Pimp?) DJ Paul and Juicy J are self-proclaimed foodies who are soon starring in a new reality show, appropriately entitled Cookin Ain’t Easy, in which the rap duo prepares dinner parties for celebrities and such in the Three 6 Mafia mansion. AH! What I wouldn’t give to be on that guest list!  Juicy J says “It’s not your everyday cooking show. We set it up like it’s a club–cooking with a disco ball! There’s gonna be girls dancing and maybe a DJ playing some music. It’s gonna be crazy!” Yes, Juicy J, it IS going to be crazy and I can’t fucking wait!  Television genius!

Three 6 Mafia and Wolfgang Puck grilling steaks


3 thoughts on “Three 6 Mafia….my new culinary heros

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  2. You should hit Wilson’s…it’s in Catlett, which isn’t super close, but doable for you. It’s a farm that has a butcher shop that cuts and sells it’s homegrown, nonhormone, organic meats. It’s AMAZING. Now that I’m waaaay out in the boonies myself, I’m nowhere near there anymore and so I’m reduced to buying my stuff at SuperTarget. Which pretty much makes me weep.


  3. Thank you! Have you checked out your Farmer’s Market yet?
    Looks like they have fresh meat vendors. I’ve been getting so irritated when I shop in the grocery store and I find that my tomatoes come from Canada. CANADA? Seriously? There’s a farm every few miles out here and I’m buying my tomotoes from a different country? Too bad the farmer’s market is held once a week.

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